Star Party

star party

Ever wonder what the view must be like from the top of the old landfill? Did you know the old landfill is in the planning stages of becoming a park? Get a sneak peek of the view and the park on the evening of August 12 at the City's first Star Party. The gate will open at 7:30 pm and stay open until midnight. These unusual hours will give you the opportunity to take in the sunset, wait for darkness to settle, and then take in the night sky. What's significant about the 12th is that it is also the peak of the Perseid Meteor Shower. You'll be able to take in the spectacle of dozens of shooting stars while you're on top of the City. The event is a fundraiser for the future Sunset Park. The admission fee is $10 per vehicle. 

GPS address for the event: 300 N. Winchester Avenue, Waynesboro, VA  22980

Remember, it will be extremely dark so please bring a flashlight or headlamp. 


The landfill property will make its transition from closed landfill to Sunset Park in phases. The initial phase, currently in planning, will focus on access improvements and a basic blueprint for development including engineering plans and construction cost estimates.  Although the funds raised from this event will not be substantial enough to make major strides in construction, it is hoped there will be money to initiate an interpretive signage program so visitors will be able to make important connections to the past, present, and future. 

                                                                                       The Perseid Meteor Shower is an annual celestial event occurring when the Earth passes through the path of Comet perseidSwift-Tuttle from mid-July to mid-August. The peak, occurring on August 12, is when the Earth passes through the densest and dustiest debris left by the comet. Most years, this results in a show of 80-100 meteors per hour. These meteors, the size of a grain of sand, enter the atmosphere and burn up in a bright burst of light, streaking a vivid path across the sky much like a shooting star. This year there will be a bit of competition coming from the moon which will be three-quarters full resulting in a visible rate closer to 40-50 per hour.

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