Homeschool and Online Resources

Getting Started

New to homeschooling? Don’t worry, these sites will guide you through the process, help you choose or design a curriculum, and give you all the legal information you need.

The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers 
A guide to getting started, including legal information. Also includes information about homeschool events and testing services, and a guide to support groups near you. 

Home Educators of Virginia 
A guide to getting started, including legal information and detailed online webinars (for a fee). Also includes information about homeschool events, and a guide to tutors, counselors, and support groups near you. Christian-based.

The Homeschool Mom  
A guide to the homeschooling basics, plus an overview of methods, curriculum reviews, and subject-by-subject help. Visit the Virginia page for specific legal information, support groups, information about homeschool events near you.

Homeschool World 
A breakdown of common homeschooling methods (such as Charlotte Mason and Classical Education), as well as a guide to useful software, apps, and reference materials.

Time 4 Learning 
Subscription-based curriculum and lesson plan access. Also includes an online forum to chat with other homeschooling parents.

Learning Communities and Support Groups

Connect with other homeschooling families near you. (Due to COVID-19 most group lessons and community events have been temporarily suspended, but community members continue to share information and support.)

Parent Educators of Augusta County Homes (Christian-based)


Natural Learners of the Shenandoah Valley (secular)


Raw Learning (secular)


Valley Home Educators (Christian-based)

Albemarle Homeschoolers (secular)


Waynesboro Classical Conversations (Christian-based)


C'ville Waldorf-Inspired School at Home (secular)