Greenway Phase 3 Citizen Input

Project Summary

The City's Greenway Master Plan envisions a network of safe and beautiful trails connecting all the major parks and neighborhoods of the City. The South River Greenway Trail Phase 3 is an attempt to continue realization of that plan. Phase III has been funded by a state grant that cannot be used for other purposes. In September of 2019, responding to a lengthy period of citizen outreach, City Council instructed staff to shift focus from the originally proposed route and focus on 14th Street.

The objective of this phase is to design and construct a safe and enjoyable experience for pedestrians and bicyclists within the existing right of way to Ridgeview Park from the current terminus of the Greenway at Loth Springs. To do that, at least one of the following has to be sacrificed: parking, two-way travel, or trees and vegetation beside the road.

City staff are currently recommending Design A on the assumption that preserving large trees and vegetation, on-street parking, maintaining access to private driveways and alleys, and keeping the project within budget are the top priorities. This design involves converting 14th Street to a one-way street, which will reduce traffic on this street but will not impede the efficiency of the overall network due to the abundance of parallel routes. All four designs have been presented below in case citizens wish to express preferences for a different proposal.

The City is soliciting feedback on designs, which can be viewed by clicking on the designated links below. Once the designs have been viewed, please fill out the Citizen Input Survey: All survey submittals are due by December 13, 2020.