Cross-Connection and Backflow Prevention

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The City of Waynesboro’s Public Works Division runs a Cross-Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Program. The program is required by the Virginia Department of Health and City Code as part of the effort to maintain the quality of drinking water.

What is a cross-connection?

A cross-connection occurs when a pipe that contains used water or another substance is connected to a potable drinking water line. Cross-connections can be temporary such as a garden hose or permanent such as an irrigation system.

Why is cross-connection a concern?

A cross-connection can allow contaminated water to enter the city’s water system if backflow occurs.

What is backflow?

Backflow is an undesirable reversal of flow in the water pipes. Backflow can occur if there is a large drop in water system pressure such as during a water main break or firefighting event.

Protecting the water system

Backflow Prevention Program staff assess buildings and properties to identify cross-connections in the water system.

Staff oversee installation, testing and maintenance of backflow prevention assemblies to protect cross-connections from water backflow.

“Backflow Prevention - protecting the quality of our drinking water”