Police Department Upcoming Events and Announcements

The Waynesboro Police Department is continuously seeking qualified candidates for the position of a police officer and auxiliary police officer.

We are seeking dedicated and self-motivated individuals of good character who value exceptional job performance, respect for all citizens, and the desire to serve the community. A college education is desired but not required.

Auxiliary police officers are sworn volunteers who assist full-time police officers by providing police services throughout the City including writing reports, assisting with security, traffic, and crowd control at special events, providing support during emergency call-outs, and responding to routine calls as dispatched.

The application process is as follows:

1. Complete the City of Waynesboro Online application which can be found at: https://www.waynesboro.va.us/329/Application-Processing

2. Download and complete the Waynesboro Police Department Application & Personal History Questionnaire as instructed on the application website.

3. Complete and submit the required forms back to the police department as instructed within two weeks of completing the online application.

4. If there are vacant positions and the police department is actively reviewing applications:

A. Successful candidates will be contacted to schedule an interview.

B. Unsuccessful candidates will receive a letter stating that they were not selected for the interview process at this time.

5. After the interview process has been completed, successful candidates will receive a phone call from the person assigned to conduct their background investigation.

6. Unsuccessful candidates will receive a letter within 30 days stating they were not selected for a background investigation at this time.

7. Once the background investigation has been completed, it will be turned in to the Chief of Police for review.

8. The Chief of Police will make his or her selection(s) and a conditional offer of employment will be presented to the candidate for consideration.

Starting Salary Range-$47,000-$50,642.50

Sign-on Bonus- Virginia Certified Police Officers are eligible for a $6000 sign-on bonus after the successful completion of our accelerated certified officer field training program.  Non-Certified Police Officer Applicants are eligible for a $3000 sign-on bonus after successful completion of our field training program.

Career Development Program- Officers can earn up to 18% above his or her base salary over a period of six years after meeting the requirements of each tier of our career development program.

Uniforms and Equipment-All uniforms and equipment are paid for by the department.

Patrol Shift Rotation- Patrol shifts are 11.5 hours and rotate between days (645 am-645 pm) and nights (645 pm-645 am) for 14 days per month.

You may contact the Police Department with any questions regarding the employment process timeline at 540-942-6682 or via email at police@ci.waynesboro.va.us