The City of Waynesboro's Geographic Information System (GIS)  Division captures, maintains, and produces citywide geographic data. Locations of human-made and natural features on the earth's surface and other types of information, like names, classifications, addresses, etc. that enable a person to visualize land-related aspects of the City of Waynesboro using mapping technologies. Waynesboro is committed to improving the quality of our products, processes, and services by using resources more efficiently. The City of Waynesboro's internet mapping service is a resource that provides a powerful tool allowing a person to interact with specific types of geographic information, including land records, streets, and aerial imagery. Waynesboro's interactive map will allow you to plan,  zoom, export geographic information, perform queries, and more. We hope that this tool promotes internet mapping technology to more efficiently address problems and help in decision support regarding property management, infrastructure, and natural resources within the City of Waynesboro.