Individual State Income Tax

Do State Taxes Have You Down? Let Us Help!

The Commissioner of the Revenue Office is your local branch of the Department of Taxation with regard to state income tax preparation, filing, and frequently asked questions. Because the Virginia Department of Taxation is no longer providing localities with state tax forms, we suggest you download needed forms at the Virginia Department of Taxation website.

We Will Complete Your Virginia Income Tax Return at No Charge

If you bring us a copy of your federal income tax return and all W-2s or 1099s, we will prepare your return at no charge. With traditional paper filing, we still offer the accelerated refund option, if applicable, at no charge.

Tax Due Return

Do you have a tax due return? Well, we can process it as well. This is handy because you will have access at the local level to a record of your filing and payment. These returns and payments are keyed into our State Income Tax system for local record, and we then key them online with the department so that there is notification that you have filed. The treasurer will deposit the payment into an account for transfer to the Department of Taxation. The day of the post-mark or the day that we receive the return is reported as the filing date to the Department of Taxation.  The Commissioner’s office will only process Tax Due Returns for the current tax year. Tax Due Returns must be received by May 1st in order for the Commissioner’s office to process them.

Keep in mind that the state filing deadline is May 1.