Personal Property Tax

Motor Vehicle Personal Property
Motor vehicle personal property includes vehicles, boats, trailers, and motorcycles. The Motor Vehicle Personal Property Return will be mailed to you in early March and should be returned to our office no later than May 1. The information on the return is provided to this office via a DMV download. If the information on the return is incorrect, please indicate on the return and mail it back to us.

Don't forget to certify if your vehicle is for business or personal use. Doing so may prevent us from qualifying the vehicle for car tax relief. See the Personal Property Tax Relief Act page for the definition of business or personal use.

Note: Two sources of information about property located in this city are the Virginia DMV and the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. Make certain that all of your information is current with these two agencies, especially the garage jurisdiction. Garage jurisdiction is where the vehicle, motorcycle, boat, or trailer is normally parked or garaged. This is the indicator for the locality for a personal property tax assessment. Incorrect information could result in an incorrect assessment.

Business Equipment
If you were operating a business on January 1 of the current tax year, then you are responsible for filing a business personal property return. All returns are due to be filed with this office by May 1st of the tax year. You must report all equipment used by your business or located on your business premise on January 1st of the tax year. The "Business Personal Property Tax Return" form or "CR-1" can be downloaded from our Forms Page, or call our office and we will gladly mail you one. Our form for filing a "Machinery and Tools Return" or "CR-2" can be downloaded from the Forms Page also.

Personal Property Assessment
Our biggest job is the assessment of tangible personal property, business personal property, machinery and tools and mobile homes. This process is continuous from year to year.

Our method of assessment of Vehicles is:

50% of the Average retail price, as listed in the January edition of the NADA guide. Our assessing service does add on for 4 wheel drive as prescribed by the NADA guide.

Our method of assessment of Business Tangible Personal Property is:

40% of customers book value, but never less than 20% of cost.

Our method of assessment of Manufacturer's Machinery and Tools is:

Percentage of Capitalized Cost

1st Year .27
2nd Year .25
3rd Year .22
4th Year .20
5th Year .15
6th + Year .12

Our assessment method of Rolling Stock (Common Carrier Trucks)

50% of cost the 1st year following the year of purchase, with 10% depreciation given each year following. If vehicle has apportioned tags, then the apportionment percentage based on Virginia Miles Traveled is applied to the assessed value.

Our assessment method of Mobile Homes is:

Square feet multiplied by an average cost per square feet based on the manufactured year. These average cost per square feet are taken from the Wingate Guide to Mobile Home Appraisals. The "Mobile Home Filing Form" can be found on our Forms Page.