Real Estate Tax

History of Real Estate Tax Rates

Tax Year
Tax Rate
(per $100 of assessed value)
1977-1978 1.05
1979-1980 .90
1981-1982 .85
1983-1984 1.01
1985 .99
1986-2002 .97
2003-2004 .85
2005-2006 .78
2007-2010 .70
2011-2012 .75
2013-2016 .80
2017 .87
2022 .90

Real Estate Tax Relief Information

Annually, and not later than May 1 of each tax year, persons wishing to apply for real estate tax exemption must complete an application and file it with the commissioner's office. The application must be signed in front of the commissioner, a deputy commissioner, or a notary public.

It is necessary that all taxpayers bring with them the statement received from Social Security showing benefits received for the past year.

Also, those applicants who are under age 65 must bring information from social security that states the benefits were paid because of disability or affidavits from two medical doctors to prove disability.

Please email this office your name, address, and property location, and a tax relief application will be mailed to you at the first of February of each year.