Reverse 911

The City of Waynesboro utilizes a Reverse 911 Emergency Notification system to provide timely information to the citizens of Waynesboro during times of emergency. The system is able to send recorded messages to telephones, broadcast faxes, emails, and even text messages. In the past, telephone calls were, for the most part, limited to landline telephones. This was simply because we didn't have access to wireless telephone number databases. A recent upgrade to the Reverse 911 system provides for a new module called the Self Registration Portal. This portal allows citizens to log into a secure website and register their cell phone and other pertinent information with the system. This feature allows us to ensure that we can notify a broader area of our population because we can have access to not only landline telephones but wireless as well.

The registration is free and the information provided is secure and never shared with anyone without a legal or public safety justified cause. We do not sell or share our databases. The only requirement for the subscriber is that they have an email address and that they maintain the information provided in a timely manner. The system will send out yearly email reminders to update the information previously provided.

This new feature greatly enhances Waynesboro's ability to keep its citizens informed during an emergency situation. The added feature of wireless information allows us to contact you no matter where you are.