Annual Statistics Report for 2010
From January 1 to April 30 we had a total of 18 calls. Out of these calls, they were for:
Offense  Number of Calls
Drugs 5
Graffiti 1
Police Impersonators 2
Wanted Persons 10

Breaking down the calls by month, the totals are:
Month  Number of Calls
January 1
February 1
March 8
April 8

The call volume starting picking up in March after we listed wanted people on the Government Access Channel.

Rewards have been awarded to six different callers so far this year. One of those callers called in December, but the reward was paid in January. The six callers all called about wanted people, with a total of seven people being caught from these six callers. The total rewards approved so far totals $1125.

Annual Statistics Report for 2009
There were 35 calls to Central Shenandoah Valley Crime Stoppers from January 1, 2009 to December 31, 2009 that pertained to Waynesboro Police Department. Of the number of calls, four (11.4 %) contributed to solving the case by either the arrest of an offender, acquisition and execution of a search warrant, or the recovery of stolen property. Calls by offense:
Offense  Number of Calls
Bank Robbery 2
Drugs 18
Larceny 5
Robbery 4
Suspicious Activity 1
Vandalism 1
Wanted Persons 4

Calls that yielded arrests or recovery of property by offense:
Offense  Number of Calls
Armed Robbery 1
Bank Robbery 1
Bomb Threat 1
Use of Firearm in the Commission of a Felony 1
Wanted Persons 2

The bank robbery tip also included the bomb threat tip. The armed robbery included the use of a firearm charge/tip as well. I didn't count these as separate calls by offenses in the top section, but did break them out in this above part.

The following are the payout amounts to callers:
Offense  Payout to Callers
Bank Robbery and Bomb Threat $750
Robbery and Use of a Firearm $500
Wanted Persons $175

The total payouts were $1425.