As part of WPL's goal to meet the informational and educational needs of our patrons, and to supplement our reference services, we provide the public access to the internet. 

Since the internet is a global electronic network, there is no local, state, or federal control over its users or contents. The internet may contain inaccurate materials or materials of a controversial nature.
WPL strives to offer Internet and other technological resources sufficient to meet patrons’ needs/desires. In doing so, WPL expects users to employ common sense, as they satisfy their own objectives while displaying sensitivity toward nearby and waiting users. User time limitations may be applicable during periods of heavy usage.
Access and Restrictions
Twenty internet stations are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  We do not take prior reservations. A library card or valid photo ID is required for using public computers. In order for the library to be in compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act and with section 42 (1-36.1) of the Code of Virginia, the following regulations, provisions, and recommendations are provided for library internet use:
  • All internet accessible computers are filtered and may be used by patrons of any age. The filtering service limits the amount of pornographic or obscene materials available on the internet, but users should be aware that no filtering is completely effective
  • Adult patrons, 18 years and older, may request from library staff unfiltered access to the internet without explanation
  • The following activities are strictly prohibited:
    • Destruction of or damage to equipment, software, or date belonging to the library or other users
    • Harassment of other persons or parties
    • Violation of any applicable federal, state, or local laws, ordinances, rules, or regulations
    • Unauthorized copying of copyrighted or other protected materials
    • Users may not attempt to change or modify hardware or software configurations or install software on the library’s workstations
    • Violation of computer security or privacy
    • Violation of software license agreement.
  • Remember to “sign out” and leave the station as it was found.
  • The Director may impose fees to recover expenses associated with damage to library property, and other extraordinary expenses related to users’ activities.
  • Patrons violating this policy, may be subject to warnings, withdrawal of WPL privileges, and/or reporting to local authorities in the discretion of the Director or designated staff.
Age Restriction
Children 13 years old and younger are restricted from using internet stations outside the juvenile side of the library. 

Patrons may print information from the internet workstations at the cost of 15 cents per page (black and white). Printing large files uses up computer and printer resources. If you must print a large file, please ask a staff member for help.

Staff Assistance
Because of limited staff resources, WPL will not always be able to provide intensive assistance to internet users. At busy times, staff will only be able to assist a patron with getting started, and then if possible will return later to check on progress. Library users are advised to attend the periodic WPL public internet workshops for more detailed training on internet resources. Patrons are also encouraged to consult computer tutorials and the library’s online public access catalog to find reference and circulating materials on how to use the internet.