An ordinance sets out a permanent law that continues in force until the ordinance is repealed. Except in the case of an emergency ordinance, two readings are required before an ordinance can be finally approved.  Staff would generally review the ordinance, provide background, and reason(s) for recommendation. The first reading occurs when the proposed ordinance is introduced by City Council.  At a second reading,council would vote on whether to approve or deny the adoption of the ordinance.

Appropriation ordinances provide the legal authority under which the municipality allocates money to specific spending activities.

Recently Adopted Ordinances

Archived Ordinances (Excluding Appropriation Ordinances)
All hard copy ordinances, including appropriation ordinances, are available for review in the City Clerk's Office and are available upon request (bulk hard copy request may incur a fee).
Code Amendment ordinances are codified within the City Code.

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