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Leaf Collection

Leaf collection within the City of Waynesboro is a service provided by crews from Public Works Operations.  Unscheduled Leaf Collection began Monday, October 31. Unscheduled leaf collection focuses on areas with high concentrations of tree cover, narrow streets and/or little or no placement area for leaf piles.

Scheduled Leaf Collection TENTATIVELY begins Monday, November 28.  We urge citizens not rake leaves into the street. Leaves that are piled in the street can cause serious safety issues such as slick pavement, reduced sight distance for motorists, promotion of dangerous places for children to play, and can present hazards for pedestrians and bicyclists.  Remember: leaves kept out of the street can keep citizens safe.

Leaf piles in the street also make drainage problems by causing water to pond in the road, blocking water flow in the curb, and leaves can block storm sewers and drainage inlets causing flooding problems.  When leaves collect in drainage pipes they are very expensive and time consuming to remove.

Grass is dormant at this time of year and should remain undamaged by these temporary piles if not raked out too far in advance of scheduled leaf pick up.  The City feels that the potential safety and drainage problems caused by raking leaves into the street are greater than the benefits of protecting the grass at the front edge of your property. Please follow these guidelines when piling leaves near the street:

  • Where no curb exists, leaves should be located along the shoulder near the pavement edge;
  • On streets that have curb and gutter, please rake leaves to front edge of property but far enough off the curb so that leaves don’t get washed into street; Do not rake leaves onto sidewalks;
  • Because we recycle our leaves, please do not bag them;
  • Do not mix trash, limbs or cut grass with leaves; this creates a problem for the leaf vacuum; limbs are particularly dangerous when hidden under leaf piles and can cause precarious footholds if stepped on;
  • Please cover blowing leaves with a tarp and city crews will remove & replace tarp in your yard.
Public Works greatly appreciates your cooperation during leaf season.  To keep updated about the whereabouts of the leaf collection crew, please call our prerecorded hotline at (540) 932-8240 or Email us at: