How do I bring an issue before City Council?

There are several ways to bring something before council:

  1. Contact the City Clerk’s Office
  2. Talk to one of your council members or the mayor
  3. Speak during "Citizen Comment Period" at a City Council meeting
  4. Click on the contact information for the Council member to leave an email message.

The best way to bring an issue to council's attention is to contact the City Clerk’s Office at 540-942-6669 or stop by the office at: 503 W. Main St. Suite 208 Waynesboro, VA 22980

The city clerk may be able to address your matter, refer it to the appropriate council person or city manager, or refer it to the appropriate city representative.

The City Council agendas are prepared and distributed on Thursdays before meetings. Copies are provided to council and are available for viewing on the city’s website.

Is there a Council member assigned to my neighborhood?

Waynesboro's five council members serve their respective wards and one council member serves the city at large. You can locate your ward designation by clicking on the "Maps" link from the home page, then click on "GIS" in the blue lettering and entering the mapping website. Enter your house number and street or your name in the designated blanks and click on "Search". Click on the appropriate selection. Your ward boundary will be located in the middle of the page on the property sheet tab.

How can I provide input to City Council?

There are a variety of ways to access Council. All Council meetings are open to the public. They are held on the second and fourth Mondays of each month, unless state or federal holidays alter the schedule. These Monday evening meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. Those wishing to speak must sign the speaker sheet at the entrance to Council chambers at the beginning of the meeting or prior to the start of a public hearing if applicable. Council members do not have offices at City Hall. All Council members are available by phone or email. If you want to make an appointment with a Councilman, contact the Council member directly.

Can I sign the speaker form for someone else?

The person who will be speaking must complete the speaker form.

Are Council meetings handicapped accessible?

Yes. The Waynesboro City Council encourages the participation of all City citizens. For those with special needs, please notify the Clerk of Council (540-942-6669) of any accommodations required, including assisted listening device, at least three days prior to the meeting you wish to attend.

Can I fill out a speaker form online?

Speaker guidelines are available on-line, however, you must fill out the speaker form in person by coming to City Hall between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. or at the beginning of the Council meeting you attend.

What is the difference between a resolution and an ordinance?

Resolutions A resolution differs from an ordinance in several ways. A resolution is non-legislative action, is less formal than an ordinance, and deals with matters of a special or temporary character, usually relating to a statement of policy regarding the administrative business of the city. Examples of resolutions recently before the council include a performance contract, a property easement, and endorsing a preservation application. Ordinances An ordinance sets out a permanent law that continues in force until the ordinance is repealed. Two readings are required before an ordinance can be finally approved. The first reading occurs when the proposed ordinance is introduced. Staff would generally review the ordinance, provide background, and reason(s) for recommendation. City Council would then generally express their support or opposition, then may move to introduce the ordinance. At a second meeting, staff would bring the ordinance back to council for consideration of adoption. Appropriation ordinances provide the legal authority under which the municipality allocates money to specific spending activities.

What is the difference between an emergency and a 10-day ordinance?

An emergency ordinance takes effect on the date it is adopted by Council. Ten-day ordinances take effect 10 days from the date of passage. Emergency legislation requires the affirmative vote of five members, 10-day legislation requires three affirmative votes.

How does legislation get to Council?

City departments requesting authorization almost always submit the specific ordinance or resolution to the City Attorney and City Manager. Legislation follows a prescribed format and contains background information, a fiscal impact, specific accounting information, and, when appropriate, reference to the applicable City Codes.

What is the deadline for submission of legislation to the City Clerk's Office?

Ordinances and resolutions to be introduced at a regular meeting of City Council must be delivered to the City Clerk's Office no later than 12:00 noon on Friday for Council action on the second Monday hence. For example, the submission deadline for the City Council meeting of Monday, July 22 would have been Friday, July 12 or earlier if the matter involves advertising for a public hearing. There is no extended deadline for a legal holiday.

What is the City Council agenda?

The purpose of the City Council meeting agenda is to provide an outline for the orderly and efficient conduct of their business meetings. The agenda sets forth the specific items of business and the order in which Council will consider them. This helps all interested parties monitor and understand the actions City Council takes.

When is the City Council agenda available for the public?

The goal is to have the tentative agenda on the City's website no later than 3:00 p.m. each Thursday prior to a Monday meeting. Agendas are also posted on the cable access channel, on the City Hall public bulletin board, and they are available for pickup at the City Clerk's Office.

How can I find out what Council has voted on or is scheduled to vote on at the next meeting of the Council?

You can review pending legislation by viewing the upcoming meeting agenda or legislation voted on by viewing adopted ordinances and resolutions. These are available on the City website, in person at the Council office in City Hall (an appointment is recommended), or by viewing the government cable channel.

What is a consent agenda?

A consent agenda is a procedure, which when incorporated as part of a regular City Council agenda, is designed to facilitate operational, non-controversial, and routine matters on the agenda swiftly and efficiently. Use of a consent action allows Council members to conduct business more efficiently and help produce Council decisions which are open, responsive, and accountable to the people of the City. Items identified for inclusion in the consent action section are grouped and approved with one motion and one vote.

Who decides what is placed on the agenda as a consent action?

Council members and staff review all legislation and recommend items for consent action. Certain legislation will not be considered in a consent action. Zoning ordinances, budget adoption, amendment legislation, and legal settlements, for example, should be read into the record and debated as needed. The Mayor presents items identified as consent actions with the recommendation for approval by a single motion and vote. The balance of the agenda format remains the same.

What if a council member at a meeting has concerns about legislation identified as a consent item?

Any item identified as a consent action can be removed from this section and will be individually considered by Council.

How do I request a copy of a resolution or ordinance?

You may access all legislation scheduled for an upcoming Council meeting agenda as well as any legislation that has already been voted on through the City's website. You may also call the Clerk of Council at 540-942-6669 and provide the number of the ordinance or resolution or simply describe the legislation you are looking for, and she will assist you in locating it. Legislation copies can be sent to you by 1) email, 2) ground mail, or 3) fax. If your request is large or particularly time consuming, a processing fee may apply, which will be reviewed prior to filling.

What happens after legislation is acted upon by City Council?

On the Tuesday after a Council meeting, the original legislation is signed and distributed to affected departments. Ordinances are sorted by numerical order and placed into a file with the date and time of the meeting in which they were adopted or passed by City Council and digitally recorded for archiving.

How do I sign up to receive advance notices of meetings, etc?

If you have access to a computer, you can receive advance notice of Council information, meetings, agendas, and approved minutes. From the City's website,, click on "Notify Me" on the right side of the screen, then enter your email address and follow the instructions in the shaded area.

How do I find out what ward I'm in or who represents my ward?

You an contact the City Clerk at 540-942-6669 or by email at

How do I request a public record?

Requesting public records (making a Freedom of Information Request or FOIA) is a simple process, and contact information and directions are available from the City Council web page, by clicking on "Request for Records".

How do I participate in Citizen Comment Period and Public Hearings?

Citizens can participate both virtually and in person.  Directions for virtual participation are located here.