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City Council

  1. Board/Commission Application Form

    Form for citizens wishing to be considered for appointment to a city board or commission

  2. Contact Us (Dropdown)

    Citizen comment form for comments to Council or Clerk

  3. Request for Public Records (Freedom of Information Act - FOIA)

    The Virginia Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), located § 2.2-3700 et seq. of the Code of Virginia, guarantees citizens of the... More…


    If you are unable to attend a Council meeting but would like to have your comment/concern expressed to the City Council, it can be made... More…

  2. Proclamation Request

    The City Clerk's Office is responsible for the preparation and scheduling of all ceremonial items for presentation by the Mayor and... More…

  3. Viewer Application

    If you are interested in serving the Waynesboro City Planning Department and Council on decisions regarding street or alley closure... More…

Fire Department

  1. Blasting Permit Application
  2. Fire Prevention Code Permit

    A Fire Prevention Code Permit is required if circumstances are going to lead to a temporary violation of the Virginia Statewide Fire... More…

  3. Fireworks Permit Application
  4. Pyrotechnics Permit Application
  5. Tents and Air Supported Membranes Permit Application

    900 Square foot or greater Excludes tents used for recreational camping purposes

  1. Burn Permit Application

    This permit encompasses Bonfires, Open Burns, and Certified Open Burns. Submit completed application with all required attachments no... More…

  2. Fire Safety Inspection Request

    Use this form to schedule a Fire Safety Inspection for your business/facility.

  3. Mobile Food Preparation Permit Application

    Any business or organization wishing to sell food and/or beverage items from a Mobile Food Preparation Vehicle must first obtain a... More…

  4. Storage Tank Removal Permit Application


  1. Adult Volunteer Application

    Ages 18+ Can you contribute your time and talent to help the library? Volunteers add to and improve services at our library. Please... More…

  2. Book-A-Librarian

    One-on-one help with technology, software, research, etc.

  3. Homebound Service

    Request for homebound book delivery service.

  4. Library Card Application
  5. Meeting Room Application

    Use this form to request usage of Meeting Room A, Meeting Room B, or the Conference Room.

  1. Art Display Inquiry

    Please fill out form and we will respond to inquiries within two weeks of submission.

  2. E-Newsletter Sign UP

    Sign up to receive a our monthly event newsletter.

  3. Interlibrary Loan Request Form

    Request a book, periodical, or microfilm reel from another library.

  4. Materials Request Form (There is a limit of three requests per month)

    Suggest an item for the library to purchase.

  5. Teen Volunteer Application

    Ages 13-18 Can you contribute your time and talent to help the library? Volunteers add to and improve the services at our library.