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Application for Starting Business Utility Services

  1. PublicWorks
  2. City of Waynesboro Application For Starting Utility Services
    Business tenants requiring water, sewer, and trash services must complete this Service Application. The deposit for business tenants shall be billed at a rate of $125.00 over the first 2 billing cycles for a total of $250.00. Bills come out Bi-Monthly. Please contact the City of Waynesboro Utilities Office at 942-6643, OPTION 4, if you have any questions. Please allow 24 Hours (M-F 8-5) for your request to be processed.
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  4. If you are RENTING please attach a complete copy of your RENTAL AGREEMENT/LEASE. If you have BOUGHT a property, please attach a copy of a PURCHASE AGREEMENT
  5. Business Service Address
  6. Mailing Address (If Different than Service Address)
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  10. (City may contact and/or contact City on your behalf. This individual is not responsible for the bill)
  11. Please Note: Only the Account Holder and Authorized Users can make changes to the Utility Account
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